Jane McEvoy gets lost in the Amazon


Jane McEvoy gets lost in the Amazon
Irish UK Apprentice hopeful narrowly escapes the boot

The failure of the task was clearly due to Jane making the wrong decisions with regard to the product

Irish mum Jane McEvoy narrowly escaped being fired by Alan Sugar in last night’s explosive episode of The Apprentice UK.

The feisty Kilkenny businesswoman bravely fought her corner against Jenna Whittingham and Maria O’Connor in the boardroom after her team, Sterling, lost the design task.

Despite the all-girl team praising Jane (28) for being a good project manager, Sugar told the room: “Let’s face it, it was a mess in there.”

He was also quick to challenge the Ballyfoyle mum-of-one about the quantities she offered to online retail giants Amazon. “I don’t think there’s a product in history where a million pieces have been ordered initially by one single retailer,” he stated.

In reference to the task, Jane explained that she felt Maria (21) and Katie Wright (26) were the weakest on the team, highlighting Maria falling asleep in the car.

However, she chooses Maria and Jenna (25) to join her in the boardroom. During heated exchanges, Maria informed Alan that Jane should be fired because she had made the final decision to change the product. But Jane snapped back: “No it wasn’t — it was a thought-out discussion and you were asleep!”

Sugar (65) then reprimanded the joint owner of McEvoy Family Foods on her basic business principles, which he said “went right down the drain”. But luckily Jane survived to see another task as it was sleepyhead Maria who heard the immortal “you’re fired!” words from the millionaire tycoon.

After getting the boot, reject Maria said: “I think I was a bit hard done by to be honest. The failure of the task was clearly due to Jane making the wrong decisions with regard to the product. My only regret is falling asleep.”

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