Jedward fans get a Twit annoyed


Jedward fans get a Twit annoyed
Jedheads jevastated over online snub

You’re stupid twins who need to grow up and get a life

Madcap pop twins Jedward upset hundreds of fans after they “unfollowed” all of their devotees on Twitter yesterday.

The twins revealed that they were deliberately unfollowing their army of Jedheads so that all the fans would be equal.

John and Edward left fans stunned when they tweeted a warning they were unfollowing everyone.

“Everyone who we follow send us your last DM [direct message] because we are unfollowing everyone,” they tweeted.

“We have been thinking about this over the last few months to keep things equal among the fandom.” They added: “Don’t be stressing because we are gonna do what we have always done and reply to all our fans.” However, many fans retaliated by blocking or unfollowing the twins or sending nasty messages.

“YOU HORRIBLE BOYS OMFG,” tweeted one fan. Another tweeted: “You’re stupid twins who need to grow up and get a life.” Others pleaded with the twins to change their minds. “If i was famous i would follow all my fans not unfollow them,” said one. “Please don’t unfollow everybody! So unfair!”

Jedward fans get a Twit annoyed on
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