Jedward mobbed at Estonian signing


The twins were forced to flee after they are mobbed by thousands of fans

They had to shut down the CD signing because the police turned up and said it was unsafe

X Factor sensations Jedward were forced by police to abandon a signing in Tallinn in Estonia yesterday for safety reasons.

The twins were mobbed by thousands of fans in Lasering Music Store as they signed their new album Victory in Tallinn.
John and Edward, who were in the Estonian capital to perform on a top TV show, had to flee the shopping centre when police insisted the event was getting out of control.

The twins were stunned when an estimated crowd of 3,000 Estonian girls turned up for their album signing in a shopping centre.
“Police closed the signing down after an hour because they said it was getting out of control,'' said a spokesperson. “It was the maddest thing I've ever seen.”

Jedward also tweeted about their experience in Tallinn: “They had to shut down the CD signing because the police turned up and said it was unsafe! But we love all your BAD behaviour!''

Minutes later they tweeted as they were pursued by hundreds of as they tried to leave the shopping centre.
“OMJ there is an Ocean of Awesome fans running after our bus!” they tweeted. “It's actually crazy. Over 1500 fans - Run Run!”

Once they were safely away they added: “We are so thankful for all the Jedicated fans we have! We can't wait to do more for all you guys! and we are so excited and so happy.''
The twins are touring all over Europe as they promote their new album.
They appeared on the Late Late Show to perform their new single, Wow Oh Wow, last Friday.

Jedward mobbed at Estonian signing on
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