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Jedworld! Jedward's exclusive Irish Daily Star column
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Everyone wants to do our show but its a case of finding a spare day in everyones schedule

Irish and one Mel of a singer
Remember Dublin singer Melanie McCabe on The X Factor last year?

She was sent home after the judges’ homes part of the show by Kelly Rowland and me and John were like: "Woah, that shouldn’t have happened."

So we’re delighted she’s back on The X Factor and will be battling it out in bootcamp on the show in Liverpool on July 16.

Nicole Scherzinger is the new judge and we know she is so smart and so cool that she’ll pick Melanie if she has the chance. We were thrilled when Nicole was named the new judge because she’s not only fabulous but she came from one of the first ever American reality TV show bands, Eden’s Crush.

She knows exactly what it’s like. We’ll be back on the after-show Xtra Factor working with Caroline Flack. We recorded a whole show with her at the Manchester auditions and it went so well that Olly Murs is really worried about his job. We totally rocked the show guys, so now Xtra Factor is ours if we want it. We’re thinking we’d prefer Dermot O’Leary’s job now though.

We’re dreaming of a Jedtastic Christmas
Guys, we’ve opened our little black book full of stars’ telephone numbers and we’re calling them all to join us for our new Christmas series of OMG! Jedward’s Dream Factory on RTE. We’ve called the guys from JLS and we talked to Jessie J and Leona Lewis and One Direction and Tinie Tempah and loads of others.

We have to have one star for every show so we need seven big music acts in total. Everyone wants to do our show but it’s a case of finding a spare day in everyone’s schedule to come to Ireland. We’re already shooting some dreams and one of our dreamers met Olly Murs in Cork on Thursday night for the show. The new series starts on RTE Two from St Stephen’s Day so we’ve got out the tinsel and the Santa hats and we’re getting into the Christmas spirit in July! Merry Christmas everyone!

She Jess’ wasn’t Jeddy to perform
We had a Jepic night at Live at the Marquee in Cork last weekend! But Jessie J didn’t have such a great time the next night when she had to postpone her show on Sunday due to a “trucking problem”. Her truck driver thought he had the day off so her equipment wasn’t delivered to the venue on time.

That would never happen on a Jedward show because we have the best tour manager on the planet in Liam McKenna! And it turns out our mom is a huge Jessie J fan! She likes her so much that she drove all the way to Cork on her own to see Jessie’s second show last Tuesday night — and it was amazing!

If you didn’t see us in Cork, maybe you saw us driving through Donegal on Thursday? We saw a lot of Donegal that day when we got lost going to our shows in Letterkenny. John wondered at one stage if we’d secretly been kidnapped and were really on our way to Albania or somewhere far way, but we got there in the end!

We’re back on Big Brother!
Hey everyone — we’re going back into the Big Brother house on July 20! We’re going to be setting the housemates a task and Big Brother is letting us dream up our own task which is really cool. We’ve already dreamt up a few great ideas — but Channel 5 have told us they won’t let us use fire or explosives or a crane or a hot air balloon, so we’re back to the drawing board again. You can watch us on the live eviction show that night with Brian Dowling too!

Our mag will be Jedly
Watch this space for more news about our new Jedward fan magazine. We have lots and lots of really cool shots we took in Japan for the magazine. We met this really cool fashion photographer Ryan Chan and he’s made Jedtastic photo magazines called Super Jedward.

Meanwhile we’re doing lots of fan research to discover just what you all want to see in an official Jedward magazine. We need 50,000 fans to fill out a quiz about what they’d like to see in it. See twitter/jedofficialmag for a link to the quiz and tell us what you want!

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