Jedworld! The exclusive Jedward Irish Daily Star column


Jedworld! The exclusive Jedward Irish Daily Star column
Our laptop's a Jed loss..

We lost our laptop, guys. We were on a Lufthansa flight going to Tokyo and we left it on the plane. We’ve tried to find it but no one has handed it in.

The worst thing is that it’s full of all these lost treasures — all these videos we haven’t posted online.

It was our first laptop so it has all our photos and stuff from X Factor and loads of really good stuff we’ve collected over the years.
And no, we never backed it up. We’re not that organised.

We had to buy a new laptop in Tokyo but our old one is still out there — all lonely and missing us. If anyone has it, please bring it back!

We’ve been thinking about doing the London marathon tomorrow, guys! It would be Jepic but we’re not sure if we’ll do it because it might be too soon after the Los Angeles marathon last month.

We’re got a positive mental attitude though so we could definitely do it. We’d really like to do it because our big brother Kevin wants to run a marathon with us.

It was no problem joining in the Los Angeles marathon — but it might be a bit crazier running in the London one!

And we’ve got to get from Amsterdam to London tomorrow morning first.

Watch out guys — we’ve got our runners on, here we come, da-da-dum!

Reid love to show you sights

We've been showing our pal the Hollywood star Tara Reida the sights.

Here are some pics of us having fun in Glendalough, Co Wicklow, and kissing the Blarney Stone.

Terrorists don't bother us

Guys, we don’t care about terrorist threats and we don’t care if we have to perform at 3am at Eurovision.

Me and John are just excited about being there. Terrorists don’t bother us. There’s always going to be big security at big events and there are always going to be crazies.

And we don’t mind staying up late at Eurovision.

The shows are all going to start at midnight because Azerbaijan is four hours ahead of Ireland.

So we’re just going to stay up past 3am from the time we arrive in Azerbaijan. Then we’ll be used to it and our energy levels will still be really high when we perform!

We’re also excited because we’re going to be performing at a kind of practise run for Eurovision in Amsterdam tonight.

Only 25 or so Eurovision acts are invited, so guys, me and John are in the top 25 already!

It’s called Eurovision In Concert and it’s a big rehearsal for the real thing.

We’ll get to meet all the guys from Spain, France, Greece, Azerbaijan, Portugal and Lithuania and loads of other countries.

So before we even get to Azerbaijan we’ll have lots of pals.

Me and John are real excited about going to Amsterdam for the first time too.

We’re getting a guided tour of the famous canals and we hope we’ll see windmills and tulips too.

It’s going to be totally cool!

We want to Nippon down to Japan...

We hope you guys all love our new video for Waterline!

We did everything ourselves — we shot and directed it when we were in Tokyo.

We put the camera on a tripod to shoot some of the scenes and then John would film me and then I’d film him. Then we spent two days editing it when we got back.

After being in Japan, we’ve decided we love it so much, it will be our second home. It used to be Los Angeles but now it’s Tokyo.

And we want to be as famous as Hello Kitty in Japan. We want everyone to be “Hello Jedward”!

In between shooting the video, we also did interviews with the biggest magazines in Japan including Gossips and we got to meet some of the biggest pop stars in Asia too.

We met Ayumi who’s known as the Empress of Pop. She’s like Madonna over there — she’s seriously cool and has sold 50 million records.

And we met the Korean girlband 2NE1 which is pronounced “Twenty-one” or “Toanyone”. The girls are CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom and they are totally cool too!

After we release our next album, Young Love, we’re going to tour Asia. We’re going back to Tokyo and we’re going to Osaka also.

We have new fans who are teaching us a few words of Japanese. Our favourite is: “Daisuki Jedward!” which means “We love Jedward!”.

Jedward - Waterline on MUZU.TV.

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