Liam McKenna's exclusive Eurovision diary


Liam McKenna's exclusive Eurovision diary

They’re saying they’ve had a knock back but it’s not a knock-out

Boys Jed sad over the score
There's no denying it — everyone in Team Ireland, especially Jedward, are gutted over the result in Azerbaijan.

No one is really sure what went wrong.

I just wonder if all the hype about Jedward’s song worked against us.

Maybe people assumed we’d get the votes anyway and didn’t bother backing us? The only consolation we have is that everyone gave it their all, the guys gave a brilliant performance and the best song won on the night.

Loreen’s a bubbly gal
The Eurovision winner Loreen and the entire Swedish delegation were staying in our hotel. So when we arrived back with our tails between our legs at around 5am we walked straight into the celebrations for Sweden. It was hard to get into the party mood but we perked up to share a glass of champagne with them and then we all went for breakfast. When we were leaving for our flight at 7am they were all still up cracking open bottles of bubbly!

The lads keep the Jed up
It’s onwards and upwards for Jedward. They’re saying they’ve had a knock back but it’s not a knock-out. We head to Germany tomorrow where they appear on TV before coming back to Ireland for gigs next weekend. And tickets for their next tour are selling out!

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