Liam Neeson is out of action


Liam Neeson is out of action
Aging actor to quit ‘physical’ roles

Maybe beyond 62 might be pushing it a little bit

Hollywood's biggest Irish star Liam Neeson claims he has just two years left as an action movie star after turning 60 three weeks ago.

The Taken star admitted he loves his blockbuster roles but thinks he’ll have to call it a day by 62.

Liam revealed: “I have to say I love getting the chance to be physical and I love doing all that fighting — it appeals to the little boy in me.

"As long as my knees and my right shoulder hold up, I will do them — that’s maybe for another two years. Maybe beyond 62 might be pushing it a little bit.” Neeson, who plays a martial arts action hero in Taken, has also admitted he’s actually a bit of a wimp when it comes to heights and roller-coasters.

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“Roller-coasters and all that stuff — I cannot, will not do, even though my sons would beg me at a younger age to get on a roller coaster with them. I said: ‘Guys, I love you to death, but there’s no way I’m getting on that thing’.” And the former Ballymena boxer revealed he still gets in the ring to help keep himself feeling younger and fitter.

“I’m very healthy,” he told Irish Tatler Man. “I was a boxer as a kid and I keep up that sort of stuff. It’s part of my daily regimen to do something either in the gym or in a park. I have a little gym in my home, which has saved my life, literally saved me” He also admitted he has never got back on a motorcycle after a serious accident where he fractured his pelvis, smashed his right foot and shredded much of the skin on both legs in Connecticut, New York, ten years ago.

"No. I gave it up," he said. "I made a promise to whatever God may be up there to get me through this, then I'd never put my arse on a motorbike ever again, not even a scooter or a moped." You can read the full interview with Liam in Irish Tatler Man, out today.

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