Lynn Kelly shows us how to get a bikini body


Lynn Kelly shows us how to get a bikini body

I dont just wake up with a perfect body

You might think that models just fall out of bed looking slim and sexy. But Lynn Kelly admits that she’s not just genetically gifted.

The stunning Assets model (23) admits that she has to work out several times a week to stay toned. “I don’t just wake up with a perfect body,” she admits.

“I have to work out, definitely, and quite a bit to stay toned. For a while there, I took my eye off the ball and I started to get a bit out of shape. I’ve never been big, I just find if I don’t work at it, I lose definition.”

That’s when Lynn decided to seek out a personal trainer. For the past three months, the brunette babe has been working out at Dublin boutique gym Beneath The Surface, where her instructor Niall Hobbert has helped to give her the taut tum we all dream of.

“I used to go to the gym by myself, jog on the treadmill for half an hour, then get bored and go home”, explains the star.

“With Niall, I have someone to motivate me, and tell me what I’m doing wrong.

“I work out six times a week for 45 minutes each time, which isn’t too bad. It’s high intensity so it doesn’t have to be a long session.

“One day, I’ll work my upper body. The next, I’ll do my lower body. It’s important to let your muscles relax in between sessions.

“I just come in here in the morning, stick on some Daft Punk and get going. My stomach is so much flatter, muscular and more toned. I love it.”

Although Lynn is a fitness fan, she would never starve herself for her art.

“I have a high protein, low carb diet, which is great because I love chicken, meat and eggs. Sunday’s my cheat day, so I can have some pick’n’mix, ice-cream or chocolate. It’s all about moderation.

I don’t think Irish models are the skinny, skinny models you’d find on the catwalks of Paris and Milan. I know young girls look up to models, and I would never starve myself just to be thin. That’s not the body type I want, and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been right now.”

With her body at its most beautiful, Lynn loves dressing to impress, and is a high street girl at heart.

“I don’t really buy Gucci or anything, because I can’t afford it,” she says. “I love Topshop, H&M and Penneys. I’m also a big fan of vintage, and myself and a friend go to London twice a year to scour their old-school stuff. It’s a great way to get something different.”

Although she prefers to go au naturel, she does have a few beauty products that she can’t live without.

“Vaseline is a must have for my lips and eyebrows. I always wear concealer, and I love Mac Face & Body foundation. It’s just light coverage, which is great, because I have to wear heavier makeup for work.”

As for her future ambitions, she hopes to turn her hand to TV presenting.

“I love modelling right now, but in a few years, I’d love to get into TV. Maybe something like Xposé.”

She also has plans to turn her boyfriend of seven years, Robert Barr, into a fitness junkie like herself.

“Rob is one of those genetic freaks, who don’t have to work out,” she laughs.

“But I’ve roped him into joining me at the gym, and he’s making some progress. I’ll have him converted in no time!”

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