Michael Fassbender would sacrifice love for his career


Michael Fassbender would sacrifice love for his career
Hollywood star Michael Fassbender has admitted that he would be prepared to sacrifice a relationship for his acting career.

The 34-year-old Kerryman is currently in cinemas in the the sex addict movie Shame and his fame is rising fast in the US.

He said: "Well, to be honest, relationships, as a whole for me in this industry have been a difficult thing to maintain. It goes with the territory.

"I would be prepared to walk away from relationships because of my job. I wanted to give this everything and go for it 110 per cent so I guess my work has taken precedence over that."

Fassbender has been linked to Lenny Kravitz's actress daughter Zoe and also dated actress Leasi Andrews.

He is also starting in the movie A Dangerous Method which sees him play psychiatrist Carl Jung alongside Keira Knightley. And he admitted that he underwent relationship therapy with a former girlfriend.

He said: "It was something I thought I would try out. And I do think it's a very helpful process, if there is an improvement at the end of it."

Fassbender had to film a spanking scene with Keira Knightley for the movie and he admitted that it was embarrassing.

He said: "It's always embarrassing and awkward when you do stuff like that. You try to keep the atmosphere light. I always hope the other person feels relaxed and trusts I'm not going to take the piss.

"It's like, - Did that hurt? This is going to leave a mark'. I didn't want to actually hit her. So I was concentrating on hitting the mark, and not actually hitting Keira."

Filming Shame was also an intense experience for Fassbender and during the process he felt that he was going crazy.

He told Marie Claire magazine: "When I got back to my trailer, I was a bit confused, and very raw. And I did think to myself, 'Oh man. You're going a bit cuckoo'."

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