Mum can't weigh for telly fat-fight


Mum can't weigh for telly fat-fight
Mum Natalie Cox was chosen as one of the leaders for the new series Operation Transformation live on air yesterday. Dubliner Natalie, 24, currently weighs in at over 16 stone and she put on weight as a result of her pregnancy and being in a car crash.

She said: "I had Josh and then I was in a crash and so that kind of held me back a little bit in terms of putting on weight. I've tried practically every kind of diet. I think what happens is you try and diet and you lose a couple of pounds and then when you come off you find it hard to keep it off because itís not natural. Every time you do that and you fail you feel even worse."

"I feel this is the time and this is the perfect opportunity even though itís scary and even though I have to keep motivating myself through the bad times. I donít care what comes, nothing is going to knock me down." Natalie, who lives in Crumlin, has a weakness for greasy chipper food and she also smokes 19 cigarettes a day. She works as a sales manager and she wants to become ìhotî again for her partner Michael. She said: "I would like to be that person for him. He deserves that person."

Her son Josh is four years old and weight-loss expert Dr Eva Orsmond hopes that she will be an inspiration for mums across the country. She said: "You were chosen Natalie because you are truly an inspirational person. You have gone through a lot of obstacles in your life to be where you are at the moment."

"We are also hoping that you are going to inspire all the mums and young mums. Your weight is putting a lot of risk in your life and your future health. "You are considered morbidly obese at the moment. I remember that put tears in your eyes when we were having a chat."

Natalie was revealed as a leader on the John Murray Show on RTE Radio 1 and three more finalists will be selected this week out of the remaining 22 contestants.

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