Niall Horan battles homesick blues


Niall Horan battles homesick blues
POP prince Niall Horan’s family has revealed that he will conquer his homesick pangs for Ireland to chase his dreams.

Niall (18), from Mullingar in Co Westmeath, was a runner-up in X Factor but became a world pop star after making music history last month with his boyband One Direction.

Their album Up All Night became the first to debut at No1 in the US by an Irish-UK band - sending Niall on whirlwind tour of the US and Oz and causing him homesickness.

But his older brother Greg (25) told The Star: “Niall is all good. We would like him home. We miss him - but we have to take a back seat as this is his dream.

“We are his loved ones and we support him with his dream, [although] he is away from us.

“He is living his dream and he loves it. He loves his fans and he adores the other boys in the band.”

Some of Niall’s boyband mates Harry Styles (18), Liam Payne (18), Zayn Malik (19), and Louis Tomlinson (20) were yesterday accused of losing their accents.

The boys have been spending a lot of time in the US and some have developed a little Americanisation in their voices.

A pal of Harry said: "We’ve been slagging them off for the accent and we’ve warned them if they try any of that American stuff when they come home we’ll beat it out of them."

Niall Horan battles homesick blues on
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