Niall Horan is no Twit woo


Niall Horan is no Twit woo
One Direction lads ‘do not’ hunt girls on Twitter

Niall is great with girls. In fact, I go to Niall for girl advice now

Sources close to One Direction have rubbished claims that the band look for potential girlfriends on Twitter.

Niall Horan’s older brother Greg was quoted on a popular gossip website but insiders have insisted that he never made the claims in the first place.

The source said: “It’s rubbish. He never said that and he was wondering this morning why he was getting tweets.”

The website claimed that Greg told them that the band test out potential dates on Twitter.

He is quoted as saying: “(Niall) will follow you on Twitter for a while and suss you out, make sure you’re genuine and have you out — then go for it.

“So watch what you’re saying on Twitter. Make sure you’re coming across as genuine. They are all quite innocent in their own way but what teenage lad does not love the ladies.

“Niall is great with girls. In fact, I go to Niall for girl advice now. I mean, he’s an international popstar. I would never get with a girl unless Niall approved. He’s so upfront about women, I love it.”

Meanwhile, Greg (25) is getting involved in the music biz too — as he’s set to judge a talent contest in Clarke’s Bar in Mullingar this weekend in aid of the town’s football club. Niall (18) shot to global fame with One Direction after taking part in the X Factor in 2010.

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