Piercing gets under Seoige's skin in RTE's Modern Life


  • Graine Seoige arm wrestles a tattoo artist
  • Piercing gets under Seoige's skin in RTE's Modern Life
  • Patrick Aultice

TV presenter Gráinne Seoige was left in shock when she watched a woman get an intimate piercing while filming her new series.

Gráinne met Ruth Lawrence for her series Modern Life and the RTE star admitted to the cameras that she wouldn't go through with the procedure herself.

She said: "I was more shocked than I expected to be. It's a big job and it takes courage - but it's not something I would do myself."
Ruth was having her second genital piercing on the day she met with Grainne after performing the first one herself. She said: "I had to do it twice cause the first one went crooked."

On the show Grainne also met a hen party in Dublin who were all getting the same tattoo except for the bride who was getting a genital piercing before her big day.

Grainne looks into the tattooing trend amongst women and attends a tattoo convention in Midleton, Co Cork. She interviews Aimee Ní Mhaoláin a secondary school teacher from Cork and a lady called Mary who got her first tattoo when she was 69.

She said: "I got my first tattoo when I was 69. I wanted to get something on my back because my back had gone less straight than it was. And then I got a tarantula, I donít know why. It ended up with a complete oriental scene on my back. It wouldnít be accepted where I worked or the people I knew - they would think I was very strange."

Grainne also meets tattoo artist Patric Aultice who claims that one of his first clients was a top judge who had a nipple piercing.

He said: "Back in the mid-90's I pierced someone. I didn't k now who he was. He gave me a £50 tip for piercing his nipple and the guy I was working with told me afterwards - That's Ireland's highest judge, from the Supreme Court". He was well into his fifties or sixties."

In the third episode from her series Modern Life Grainne observes the practice of scarification and witnesses a performance by Kay Fagan from Skin Suspension.

Kay explained: "Basically suspension is what it sounds like. You put hooks through the skin and you're being lifted weightlessly into the air. Completely sterile hooks but completely anaesthetic free as well. Itís painful but once you are up there the adrenaline kicks in and you could stay up there for hours."

A clip of Kay's suspension will be shown in tonight's show, but here's the full performance video.


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