Radio presenter Ann Gleeson starts chemo for cancer


Today FM star Ray Foley faced a tough on-air job yesterday — he had to tell listeners co-host Ann Gleeson has cancer.

Fun-loving Ann has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and started chemotherapy last Thursday.

Ray said the whole team found it hard to be cheerful on air since they heard, but are optimistic about the treatment.

“She is going well and still herself, which is brilliant,” he said. “She is laughing and joking.”

He urged fans to say a prayer for the stricken star, who was well known for slots on Tom Dunne’s Pet Sounds before joining Ray’s lunchtime show in 2010.

An emotional Ray added: “She is still one of our best friends and we expect her to be in and out of work when and if it suits her over the next few months.”

Doctors ordered a CAT scan after Ann started having back and chest pains. “She was talking about it at the time and we were knocking a bit of craic out of it,” he said. “We do talk about ourselves a lot and share a lot of our own lives with you.”

But the presenter said the news had affected the team hugely and they had been finding it difficult not to reveal the Tipperary presenter’s illness.

Meanwhile, RTE anchor Aine Lawlor is back on the airwaves — a year after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The mum-of-four said she feels she has been given a second chance at life.

Radio presenter Ann Gleeson starts chemo for cancer on
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