Robin van Persie wife a hate target as he signs for United


Robin van Persie wife a hate target as he signs for United
ARSENAL fans raging at Robin van Persie’s dramatic transfer to Manchester United vented their fury on his wife.

The striker’s missus Bouchra (corr), 28, was blitzed with abusive Twitter messages after it was announced he was quitting the London club for their Premier League rivals in a £24m deal.

Van Persie, 29, was yesterday (thurs) in Manchester under-going a medical prior to signing a four-year contract that will net him more than £200,000-a-week.

While some fans posted videos of them burning their van Persie Arsenal shirts on YouTube many directed their venom at Bouchra.

The mum-of-two was branded a 'gold digger’ and threatened by sick supporters blaming her for the club switch.

Angelo—156 Tweeted her: “I wish death upon you. I hate you, you scum bag. I hope your whole family drops dead.”

Diarmuid Boylan wrote: “You f**king bitch. I hope your car gets robbed in Manchester!”
Fadln called her a 'gold digger’.

Arsalan—Tweet wrote: “P*ss off to Manchester. Enjoy the extra £££££.”

Hiuyan0806 Tweeted: “Tell your hubby that he is the biggest betrayal in Arsenal history at all times. He wont get away from it.”

Craig Robinson wrote: “You, your husband and your whole family are a bunch of judas scumbags.”

James Duffield Tweeted: “Cannot believe you are moving to Manchester (what a s**t hole) .”

Samfairs14 Tweeted: “Leave your husband before he leaves you. His loyalty sucks. Advice.”

While NathanGooner sent both of them the menacing message: “Hurry up and get to Manchester before I find you!”

The astonishing abuse even horrified many die-hard Arsenal fans who Tweeted Bouchra their support.

Just three months ago she said she hoped he would stay in London to avoid disrupting the children’s schooling.

“We have been in London for eight years now. As a family, we love it here,” she said.

“Arsenal is a beautiful club. They have no debts and Robin is being worshipped there.

“I honestly feel that the fans and the people at the club really love him. That is worth so much, too.

“When we go to Arsenal and we walk into the stadium with him it is electrifying.

“As a mum, that fills me with pride. It is really fantastic.”

As the Twitter abuse flew Darren Rogers messaged her: “These idiots who are tweeting you abuse at the min don’t speak for the real Arsenal fans Bourcha. We Don’t abuse Players’ Wifes.”

Goonersgirl008 Tweeted: “For the record Bouchra has been nothing but an amazing Goonerette. She doesn’t deserve abuse from anyone. It’s not her fault.”

Kristian Lawford penned: “I feel sorry for Bouchra. She wanted to keep Robin here in the first place. I have nothing but respect for this woman.”

Ryan17—AFC Tweeted: “Abuse Robin Van Persie as much as you want but please spare Bouchra. She honestly wanted him to stay at Arsenal.”

Van Persie’s is the latest in a string of recent high profile departures from the club.

He follows Samir Nasri, 25, who joined Manchester City, and Cesc Fabregas, 25, who left for Barcelona.

Despite the departures Arsenal recovered from a poor start - including an 8-2 thrashing by United at Old Trafford - to finish third last season.

A statement on United’s website yesterday confirmed the transfer.

It read: “Manchester United is pleased to announce it has reached agreement with Arsenal for the transfer of Robin van Persie. “The deal is subject to a medical and the agreement of personal terms.”

Robin van Persie wife a hate target as he signs for United on
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