Rocker behind telly prank on 'Psychic Wayne'


Rocker behind telly prank on 'Psychic Wayne'

It’s late night TV so I expect these types of calls

The prankster who fooled a TV psychic live on TV3 by pretending to be Will Smith is an Irish rock musician.

Leon Guilfoyle, of heavy metal band Lluther, tricked ‘Psychic Wayne’ into thinking he was the Hollywood actor by pretending the Fresh Prince of Bel Air story was his own.

“It was me,” the bass player told The Star last night.

During the three-minute call, Guilfoyle said he was “born and raised” in Philadelphia and wanted to contacted his rich uncle and auntie — and pal Jazzy Jeff. The 3.39 video clip has over 20,000 hits on YouTube.

‘Psychic Wayne’ — real name Wayne Isaacs — said he didn’t realise he was being duped until the very end. He said: “I was too busy taking in the information to notice but if you look at the cards “the Trickster” was one that I pulled out so even the spirit world knew that he was having me on.”

The live psychic show, which started after midnight on TV3 this week, is broadcast from Budapest in Hungary. And it wasn’t the first time Psychic Wayne has been pranked on the two-hour show since it first broadcast on TV3 on Monday night. One caller asked him about his chances of getting a BAI complaint for false advertising. Wayne said: “It’s late night TV so I expect these types of calls.” It costs €2.44 a minute to call the show but Wayne told The Star no call is ever more than four minutes long.

Rocker behind telly prank on `Psychic Wayne` on
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