Ryan O'Shaughnessy waits for phone Cowell...


Ryan O'Shaughnessy waits for phone Cowell...
Britain’s Got Talent star hanging on for news of a record deal

I haven’t really gone out yet but I will next Thursday or Friday and some of them might talk to me now

Britain’s Got Talent star Ryan O’Shaughnessy has admitted he’s still waiting for news of a record deal from Simon Cowell.

Dubliner Ryan (19) was at the centre of reports yesterday which claimed he has landed a deal along with runners-up Jonathan and Charlotte, The Loveable Rogues and Only Boys Aloud.

Ryan denied the claims but revealed that his manager has been in contact with Sony records.

“It’s a bit up in the air at the moment but my manager has talked to a few people,” he said. “I’m quite optimistic about things anyway but I probably won’t know anything for sure for at least another week.” He said he was bowled over by the welcome he received since returning to Dublin on Sunday.

“It was brilliant... I was totally knackered but all these people came over looking for photos and when I got home there were about 30 people in the front garden — all the neighbours,” he said. He insisted there were no hard feelings backstage when performing dog Pudsey and his teenage trainer Ashleigh won the €620,000 prize fund on Sunday night.

“There may have been talk of adding a bit of arsenic to his bowl,” he joked. “Actually everyone loved Pudsey. He walks around on his back legs all the time like a little human. He’s an incredible dog.” Ryan, whose song No Name is about his unrequited love for gal pal Katie Keegan, admitted he is also more optimistic about his chances chatting up women.

“I haven’t really gone out yet but I will next Thursday or Friday and some of them might talk to me now!” he said. Sony Records also denied claims of a record deal for Ryan yesterday, and a spokesperson said: “No decision has been made yet.” All of the top five on Britain’s Got Talent are being targeted by Sony’s top label chiefs, according to a report yesterday.

They claimed that Welsh choir Only Boys Aloud will work with RCA while Jonathan and Charlotte, has landed deals with different arms of the company. The Loveable Rogues and Ryan were also being targeted by labels under the Sony umbrella according to the report. It also claimed that Zipparah Tafari will be able to cash in on his hit tune Where Me Keys? Where Me Phone?, as Cowell has put plans in place to have the track released as a single later this year.

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