Showbiz Shorts: Una Healy: Tom Cruise: Daniel Radcliffe


Showbiz Shorts: Una Healy: Tom Cruise: Daniel Radcliffe

Healy happy to be home
Saturdays singer Una Healy happily announced the return of her rugby fiance Ben Foden after nearly a month apart yesterday. The Tipperary beauty posted a photo of Ben bottle-feeding their three-month-old baby daughter Aoife Belle with the thrilled comment “Daddy’s back!” Ben had been away playing a series of matches with England in South Africa.

Tom Cruise faeces up to bird-days
Tom Cruise has been rubbing bird poo on his face to keep his youthful good looks. The Hollywood star has opted for the bizarre Japanese treatment instead of Botox. And he has told friends he is delighted with the results. A source said: “Tom recently started experimenting with the nightingale poo facial after it was recommended by a pal.”

Daniel Radcliffe is potty for poetry
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is a secret poetry writer — who only gives his poems to people he admires. And the 22-year-old felt this gave him an advantage in playing the legendary beat poet Allen Ginsberg in his next movie, Kill Your Darlings. Radcliffe said: “I’m a huge fan and I’ve written lots of poetry. The star said: “I give my poems to people I really admire, but I don’t actually think that anything I’ve written is good enough to be out there in public. Maybe one day.” Radcliffe has now moved from the UK and has based himself in New York.

Showbiz Shorts: Una Healy: Tom Cruise: Daniel Radcliffe on
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