Simon Cowell fury at XFactor 'Sabotage'


Simon Cowell fury at XFactor 'Sabotage'
UNDER-fire Simon Cowell has told pals he feels “totally betrayed” by his business partners at the ITV network.

The music mogul blames “suits” at the TV company for letting the BBC undermine his talent shows with The Voice.

He also feels there has been a lack of support from ITV executives over the revelations about his private life.

Sources say he could even split from the station. The final straw came with ITV’s decision to reappoint Gary Barlow as an X Factor judge - a move he is said to have serious doubts about.

A source said: “Simon has been quietly fuming for weeks and now we have reached a tipping point. A confrontation with ITV looks imminent.

“He is absolutely obsessed with his TV shows and it means everything to him that they do well.

“He feels ITV have been shocking in their arrogance by assuming The Voice wasn’t a threat when in fact it clearly was.

“The relationship with ITV is at a low ebb at the moment and he’s ready to hit the roof.”

Cowell (52) believes ITV chiefs allowed The Voice to threaten his Saturday dominance by showing Britain’s Got Talent at a later time.

And he raged after ITV bosses brought back “wooden” judge Gary Barlow to the X Factor.

A source added: “ITV may think they’ve got their man and his hit shows for good.

“They shouldn’t be so sure.”

Simon Cowell fury at XFactor `Sabotage` on
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