Simon Cowell's opened sex floodgates


Simon Cowell's opened sex floodgates
PR guru Max Clifford last night warned his client Simon Cowell that six former lovers were poised to reveal his sex secrets.

The publicist said the music mogul’s decision to open up about his personal life in a book has backfired spectacularly.

He revealed ex-girlfriends who had previously stayed silent are now lining up to speak out.

Clifford (69) said: “It’s open season now. Yesterday six different girls called my office who supposedly have had relationships with Simon Cowell.”

The spin king has represented the Britain’s Got Talent judge for more than a decade.

He said during that time he has buried more than 100 embarrassing stories about the star.

But he said the floodgates have been opened by Cowell’s decision to grant controversial author Tom Bower unprecedented access to him during research for his book, Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life Of Simon Cowell.

In the biography, Cowell’s affair with former X Factor judge Dannii Minogue is revealed, giving the green light to others to come out of the woodwork too.

Clifford said he advised X Factor boss Cowell (52) not to help Bower.

He added: “We, as a team, have scored a massive own goal by talking to him.”

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