Simon's US X Factor meltdown


Simon's US X Factor meltdown
STRESSED-out Simon Cowell has gone into meltdown on US X Factor in the first big glimpse at his new show.

The whole thing is a gamble

The music mogul is already fuming after his UK show Red Or Black bombed.
The Irish Daily Star today reports that he is now terrified the gamble of quitting X Factor in the UK to launch the series in the States won’t pay off either.
In this footage from an extended trailer to plug his US talent show, he is filmed throwing a hissy fit as he desperately tries to make the US version of the UK hit work.

After a string of terrible auditionees - battling for a $5 million record deal - diva Cowell rants at producers: "I am hating this, total utter sh*t. It’s gotta go, its not working."
His onscreen outburst comes after Cheryl Cole (28) was given the chop from the US show for not making the grade.
And it shows how anxious Cowell (51) is still not done making changes to try and make his latest programme a global smash.
He admitted: "The whole thing is a gamble.
"I’ve always love the idea of having a singing competition in America where you could be 12 or 112 and you can be in a singing group. "I have got no idea of what is going to happen."
The sneak preview also shows him explode with delight after uncovering an incredible 13-year-old singer.
Rachel Crow wowed the judges with a powerful version of Mercy by Duffy.
But in Britain she would not even have passed the X Factor age limit which is 16.
The teenager tells the cameras she is in 8th grade and the auditioning for the show is "the most important thing she has ever done".
Asked what she would spend the £5million prize money she said: "My family has like, no money.
"Let me tell you, we live in a two bedroom house and there are six of us. Its a lot of people. "I need my own bathroom."
Cowell predicts: "We are going to be hearing a lot about you."
Paula Abdul, 49, echoed his praise and said: "What you did blew us away."
And fellow judge L.A. Reid, 55, added: "You have got it all baby, I love you."
Ambitous Cowell is hoping X Factor will attract a mega audience when it premieres in the US next week.
He needs it to be a hit after his flop game show Red Or Black.
Throughout the show’s week long run on ITV, it was dogged with controversial.
The show’s first millionaire winner Nathan Hageman, 31, turned out to have a criminal record for attacking a woman.
As a result more police checks were done on contestants earmarked for later shows and as a result three had to be pulled.
Ratings also fell and TV critics claimed the show went on too long.
ITV have not said if it will return next year.

Simon's US X Factor meltdown on
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