Starplus evening hit


Starplus evening hit

1: Lego Star Wars Christmas decorations
Decorate your home to reflect who you are. If you are a Star Wars geek then embrace it, and inflict it upon relatives. (via Rue the Day)

2: Best wishes to Sinéad O’Connor
The singer was married today to Barry Herridge in a drive-thru ceremony in Las Vegas. (via NY Daily News)

3: X Factor USA
Nicole Scherzinger isn't going to be a popular woman after this move.

4: Simon Cowell to appear on X Factor via satellite
Due to work commitments the music mogul won’t be able to be there in person but he will be throwing in his two cents via satellite or via Skype. After all the drama going on with the US version of the show, we can understand he can’t leave now. (via Examiner)

5: Victoria Beckham named Top Gear’s woman of the year
We thought Amber Heard would have been a shoe in for this title, after Jeremy Clarkson drooled over her and practically worshiped at her feet when she appeared on the show. But no, Victoria Beckham took the prize for designing a Range Rover. The similarities have been mentioned between this, and that episode of the Simpsons where Homer designs a car. We would never mention such things. (via Holy Moly)

6: It seems Spider-man and Santa have a lot in common (via Neatorama)

7: The Shining Cuckoo Alarm Clock
For the man who has everything, this Christmas...(via I am Bored)

8: TOWIE's Christmas single - Last Christmas

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