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4 news stories with an extra quirk you may have missed

it feels awesome. It’s great to be small

1: Life saving rabbit - A pet rabbit saved its owner from a house fire in Alaska by pawing at her chest while she slept in order to alert her to the imminent danger and allowed her to save herself and her daughter. the brave bunny was not so lucky however and died due to smoke inhalation. The full story can be viewed here (source

2: World’s shortest living woman - Bridgette Jordan (22), who stands at 2ft 3in, has been named as the shortest living woman by Guinness World Records 2012. The native of Illinois in America lists her hobbies as dancing and cheerleading and said “it feels awesome. It’s great to be small. I believe that everyone should be confident in themselves.” She also holds the record for shortest living siblings with her 3ft 2in brother Brad. The full story can be viewed here (source

3: $1,000 in food and drink incentive to buy house - A woman who has struggled to sell her home has offered a unique twist to the deal, $1,000 worth of food and alcohol from the local bar Grandpa’s Place to who ever buys her three bedroom house. The refreshing ploy has seen interest in the property increase considerably since the promotion began. The full story can be viewed here (source

4: A resilient pig who survived for more than a month buried under rubble after the 2008 Chinese earthquake has been successfully cloned. Zhu Jianqiang is thought to have survived his ordeal by eating charcoal and drinking rainwater and as a result of his toughness became something of a national hero. Despite being castrated before the earthquake his DNA was used to create six piglets who are said to have a strong likeness to their father. The full story can be viewed here (source

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