Starplus Thursday Morning Hit


Starplus Thursday Morning Hit
Keith Richards makes up with Jagger, Colin Firth auctions off a date for charity, when good films get bad reviews and other news

He's a brother, a best friend, and probably the most contentious person I know

1: Keith and Mick make up.
Keith Richards and Mick Jagger have reconciled since there row earlier this year after Richards published some unflattering stories about Jagger in his autobiography, Life. But Richards said about his fellow Rolling Stones member: “He's a brother, a best friend, and probably the most contentious person I know. All collaborations are like that. Nothing goes totally smoothly, but we always patch it up. We patched it up now. The thing is we enjoy working with each other; it's the idea of it that's frightening." (Independent)

2: Kelly Rowland will not miss birth of Beyonce’s baby.
The X Factor judge has said that she could not miss her best friend and former band mate giving birth for the first time. (RTE)

3: Win a date with Colin Firth.
The King's Speech and Bridget Jones star has joined forces with Oxfam America and is auctioning of a date with himself to help raise funds for the world poverty charity. The winner and a friend will accompany the star to the premier of his new movie, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and will also attend the after party. (Huffingtonpost)

4: The Bad Sex Awards 2011.
The shortlist for literatures worst sex scene has been announced, the prize is awarded to the worst written description of the carnal act. Making the list this year are Steven King, Sebastian Barry and Haruki Murakami. (Asylum)

5: Bad reviews for good movies.
30 great films that got reviews they did not warrant, including; The Dark Knight - “Plodding, puffed-up kitsch mistaking itself for profound psycho noir that the source material won’t support”, Goodfellas - “Dramatically unsatisfying”, The Godfather Part II - “Part II’s dialogue often sounds like cartoon captions...its insights are fairly lame”, Schindler’s List - “A theme park ride masquerading as master’s thesis” and Gladiator - “It’s almost like [Scott]’s trying as hard as he can to make the worst movie of all time”. (Shortlist)

6: Viggo Mortensen talks about playing Sigmund Freud.
The Eastern Promises hard man reveals why he was drawn to the role in A Dangerous Method and what preparation it took in order to portray the founding father of psychoanalysis faithfully. He says: “I had the same notion that everybody has of what Freud looked like: this frail, old, gaunt, white-haired man. Very rigid, formal. With these piercing brown eyes.” (Thedailybeast)

7: Eva Longoria’s restaurant sued.
A woman claims she slipped and injured herself in the Beso restaurant in L.A.. Desperate Housewife star Longoria is a partner in the popular eatery. (TMZ)

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