Starplus Tuesday morning hit


Starplus Tuesday morning hit
1: Download Christmas song from Track Dogs for free
To download the wonderful, original Christmas Track Dogs song see here.

2: Nick Cave says Grinderman are over
The Bad Seeds frontman declared the end, then suggested they may return when they’re ‘even older and uglier’. Really selling us the reunion there Nick... (via Guardian)

3: Molly King from Saturdays moving to India
With the future of The Saturdays in question due to Una Healy’s pregnancy (no matter what she says otherwise), we can see this happening. Mollie’s boyfriend is looking to buy a hotel in Mumbai, and move the two of them out. (via Glamour Magazine)

4: Mick Jagger is so vain
The Carly Simon song ‘You’re so vain’ was all about Mick Jagger according to her new biography. The clues were always there, but she seems to confirm it in her new book. (via Telegraph)

5: One does not simply ‘paint Mordor’
Unless one has a teeny little nail brush... (via Neatorama)

6: Jordan copies Jodi in shock reverse move
Jordan has been hitting the gym with former Gladiators star Mark ‘Rhino’ Smith, sparking comments that she is looking to bulk up like Jodi Marsh. The girls seem to have quite a lot in common, it’s a shame they can’t put the past behind them and become gym buddies. (via Huffington Post)

7: Sarah Harding speaks exclusively to Hello! post rehab
In a move that is probably exactly what she didn’t need, she has spoken to Hello! magazine. She spoke about her ‘rock bottom’ and how she used alcohol to numb herself. We wish her the best in her recovery, but avoiding the press would probably help her most straight out of rehab, no matter how much money Hello! have to offer. (via Hello)

8: Little Mix head straight to bed after win
The girls had an interview on Daybreak early Monday morning, so went straight to bed after their win. Not very rock-n-roll of them, but then again, they’re only little... (via Mirror)

9: Shane Gillen magic
If you like Derren Brown, then this guy is the “buy Irish” version. Keep an eye on him, as he blows your mind - we predict big things for him.

Starplus Tuesday morning hit on
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