Starplus Wednesday evening hit.. the truth about Amy's death


Starplus Wednesday evening hit.. the truth about Amy's death
Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Lindsay Lohan, Kaley Cuoco, Turkish tiles
1: Amy Winehouse's death was due to alcohol poisoning.
The British coroners office has determined that Amy died from alcohol poisoning. She had nearly FIVE times the legal limit of alcohol in her body at the time of her death. There's more on that story at BuzzFeed, here. Below, check out some classic Amy as we'd like to remember her.

Amy Winehouse - Love Is A Losing Game on MUZU.

2: See Coldplay tonight from the comfort of your own computer
Coldplay will play a gig live on YouTube at 9pm, in association with American Express. Acclaimed director Anton Corbijn will be directing.

3: Lindsay Lohan getting her kit off for Playboy (via Daily Mail)

4: Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco engaged
We are big fans of BBT, and we are thrilled to hear that Kaley’s love life doesn’t reflect her character Penny’s. After previously dating Johnny Galeck, who plays Leonard on the show, she is now engaged to Josh ‘Lazie’ Rusnik.
We will always miss the possibility that things really work out for those two in real life, so here’s a fan video, charting the rise of the relationship that was always doomed to fail.

5: Cool Hunting visits a workshop reviving the lost art of turkish tiles (via Cool Hunting)

Starplus Wednesday evening hit.. the truth about Amy's death on
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