Starplus Wednesday morning hit


Starplus Wednesday morning hit
1: The Snail
One-fifth the size of a caravan, and made completely of cardboard, the snail attached to the back a simple bike. We’re not sure why anyone would need one, but it’s pretty neat. (via Behance)

2: Kelly Rowland abandons the X Factor ship and flys back to LA (via RTE)

3: Pink performs impromptu jazz gig
Pink randomly joined the cast onstage in New York’s theatre show Sleep No More. It just goes to show you that she really does have an incredible voice when she can belt it out with no rehearsal or prep.

4: Alex Reid reveals “When I first met her, I didn’t wanna go near her”
Oh what a lovely thing to hear! The loved-up couple have been discussing their marriage and baby plans after getting engaged on Irish TV only weeks ago. (via Star magazine)

5: Walt Disney’s Sin City
You'll never see Disney characters in the same way again.

6: Top 23 insured celebrity body parts
Check out what celebrities think their body parts are worth more than they are. Bette Davis had her waist insured and Heidi Klum has her legs insured. But are they worth it? (via Gawno)

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