Surprise win for Jane McEvoy in UK Apprentice


Surprise win for Jane McEvoy in UK Apprentice
Irish businesswoman Jane McEvoy, 28, enjoyed a surprise win on The Apprentice when her team came up trumps after selling an inedible chutney with no samples.
Team Sterling's chilli pineapple chutney was so bad they went to their business pitch without it and managed to sell 607 bottles with a profit of £1028.68.
Lord Sugarís right hand man Nick Hewer described the chutney as a ìdangerously poisonous concoctionî adding that to be in the same room as it was dangerous.
The entire team were embarrassed when Lord Sugar expressed his shock that they attended their business pitch with the delicatessen without any samples for the buyers to taste.
Despite the serious error Sterling won the challenge leaving Team Phoenixís Mediterranean ketchup in the shade as they sold just 305 bottles with a profit of £585.56.
It was the first win for Team Sterling on the BBC show and they were rewarded with the chance to drive race cars at Silverstone.
Stephen Brady (33), who was born in Co Westmeath but grew up in London, was on the losing team but escaped the chop. And Michael Copp was sent packing from the show after the ketchup disaster.
Team Phoenix was plunged into hot water after an overcooked batch of their Mediterranean table sauce forced the group to hike their sale prices.
"I had gastric flu, and it really affected me. When you're in a stressful situation like that it just made it twice as hard.
"I didn't harp on, but the contestants knew about it, so maybe that was a tactical thing," he said.
Copp also said that project leader Katie Wright, who dragged him back into the boardroom, should have done a better job.
"Katie didn't do a good job. She should have briefed us and said "We need to sell this product as cheap as we can".
"If everyone had known this from the start I think everyone would have been a little more conscious of it. She was running the task, and she should have directed it a lot more," he said.
After finding himself on the receiving end of a boardroom attack from teammate Ricky Martin, Copp warned future contestants to be vigilant.
"You need to get your point across and make sure to drum it home, and be wary of people in there who can dress things up or sugar-coat things," he said.

Surprise win for Jane McEvoy in UK Apprentice on
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