Tallafornia babe Nikita Murray gets brand new bikini bod


Tallafornia babe Nikita Murray gets brand new bikini bod

I've been to Santa Ponsa nearly every year. So I know the place like the back of my hand

Tallafornia star Nikita Murray is working hard to look good on camera this summer — so internet trolls can’t pick on her for being fat.

The housemates are heading to Spanish resort Santa Ponsa next month for season two.

And Nikita is looking forward to showing off her size-eight figure in a bikini.

Speaking exclusively to The Star, the pint-sized brunette said: “I won’t be getting called fat anymore on Twitter when I’m strutting around in a bikini. It’s just childish nonsense. You just laugh it off.” Nikita (19) has been going for long walks, eating healthily and taking Acai supplements to transform her figure.

And she believes that fans of the show will see another side to her now that she has also given up booze. She said: “I think people will get to see another side to us as well because I gave up drinking. They will get to see the more sober, fun side rather than just the drunk side.

“I seem to have more fun. When you get up the next morning you have fun memories. There’s no hangovers and you are in a better humour.” Nikita feels she is a stronger person after the negative reaction during the first season. “I’ve already been through the sh**s with it. I like to think that it made me a stronger person. No matter what happens after season two, I’ve already dealt with it.”

"Looking back no matter what someone says to us it doesn't bother us. I think it was a good thing. Being in Tallafornia makes you stronger and you are able to laugh off stuff more. It will be good later on in life when all the Tallafornia stuff is over and done with. At least you have the strength to deal with all the bulls***.

"You don't give a s*** what people think. Especially when you are 19 a lot of people would be concerned of other's opinions of them and now I just don't care." Nikita is getting a new wardrobe for the second season of the show and is changing her hair this weekend in preparation for filming.

She can't wait to go back to Santa Ponsa as she has been there almost every year since she was a baby. She said: "I'm going to get a whole new wardrobe. You kind of have to when you go away. So get more summery flowy dresses and a few sexy outfits for nighttime.

"I cannot wait for it, it's going to be class. I've been to Santa Ponsa nearly every year. So I know the place like the back of my hand. I'd say going creeping on all the lads with their tan and six packs on show. There's nothing better than that because they will be all strutting around topless."

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