The Edge mourns loss of his beloved mother


The Edge mourns loss of his beloved mother

Id a huge lump in my throat and the tears were pouring down my face

U2 star The Edge is in mourning after the death of his beloved mother Gwenda Evans.

The guitar hero’s mum sadly passed away after a short illness on Monday. The Edge (50) is understood to have been in Dublin at the time of her death.

Gwenda, who was originally from Wales, lived for five decades in the plush north Dublin suburb of Malahide with her husband Garvin.

A spokeswoman for The Edge, whose real is name Dave Evans, said: “She passed away yesterday [Monday] afternoon after a short illness. The funeral is private.”

Gwenda, who was in her late 70s, was a keen artist and was trained as a primary school teacher but couldn’t use her skills in Ireland as she didn’t speak Irish. She moved to Ireland after Garvin was asked to run a factory for the Plessey company in Swords, Co Dublin, and he then set up his own engineering firm.

Their two boys were born in England and their daughter Gill was born in Ireland. The Edge’s brother Richard was a member of Irish rockers Virgin Prunes. Gwenda recalled of The Edge in a recent interview: “He started playing guitar when he was about 14. Once Edge got the guitar in his hands, he wouldn’t put the blooming thing down.

"And we’d be saying, ‘Would you shush now a minute, we just want to hear the news’. I call him Dave, but most of the time when I’m talking about him, I call him Edge because people know him as that.

Gwenda and her husband regularly went to U2 gigs and loved visiting different countries when the band were on tour.

And their first Croke Park concert was an emotional experience for her. She said: “They’d been on tour and Edge’s daughter was quite a small baby. It was the crowd and the sheer sort of thrill of them being home, playing in front of their own people. I’d a huge lump in my throat and the tears were pouring down my face.”

Gwenda also explained that music had always been in the Evans family, adding: “Music was always part of our lives. I used to sing to the children, so he [The Edge] had a good ear for music at a very young age. People say to me I must be very proud of Edge and I tell them I’m proud of all my children.”

The Edge mourns loss of his beloved mother on
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