Tiffany Stanley stalker terror


Weirdo made her life hell

Blonde bombshell model Tiffany Stanley has revealed details of her stalker hell.

Stunning model Tiffany (24) said she was freaked out when a stalker found out where she lived last year.

“I had a stalker last year that was really full-on and bombarding me with messages online,” she said.

“Then I got a letter to my house. I don’t know how but they found out where I lived which was just freaky. The messages were quite graphic and stuff. They’re weren’t nice. And then, when I got the letter he was basically saying he was in love with me and things like that. So I told the guards.”

She added: “I blocked him on Facebook but then he set up another page so then I had to block that page too but once I blocked him a second time, it seemed to die down.” The beauty revealed the only downside to her glamour job is “lots of weird attention”. Tiffany revealed her real ambition is to move from modelling to TV presenting. “I’d love to be a TV presenter because modelling is a short-term career,” she said.

Ultimately, she insisted, she wants to be married and have children even though her own mum and dad split up when she was 8. "My parents were separated when I was very young so I kind of don't know any different," she said. "All I ever knew growing up was that I saw my Dad at weekends. I still believe in the institution of marriage and I'd love to get married one day. A dream of mine is to get married and have a family. I'd like to have at least three or four kids. I love children."

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