Wayne Isaacs snubs Keith Barry's €50k 'prove it' offer


TV psychic Wayne Isaacs has rejected top illusionist Keith Barry’s offer of €50,000 to prove his talent is real.

Isaacs said: “I answer only to one person and that is God, not Keith Barry. I have many great clients in the UK and I feel I have nothing to prove to Keith Barry.

“I do not need to prove I am psychic or a medium. I know what I see, hear and feel.”

Isaacs has raised eyebrows with his appearances on the Psychic Readings Live show, which is broadcast after midnight on TV3.

Keith tweeted yesterday: “What a surprise. #psychicwayne has gone back on his word and backed out of my challenge which was going to be more than fair to him. oh well.”

The mentalist previously blasted Isaacs, saying he was prolonging the natural grieving process. Keith tried to call the show on Saturday — estimating that at €2.44 a minute he spent €14 on the call — but didn’t get to speak to Isaacs.

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