Westlife boys plan solo careers but will relax beforehand


Westlife boys plan solo careers but will relax beforehand

Theres no pressure on any of them to do anything for the moment

Music mogul Louis Walsh has revealed the immediate plans for the four former Westlife members is for a long, well-earned holiday.

The band’s ex-manager said Shane Filan (32), Mark Feehily (32), Kian Egan (32) and Nicky Byrne (33) are shelving any ambitious career plans for the moment and are determined to put their feet up for the rest of the summer.

“The first thing all the guys are doing is taking a long holiday with their families,” Louis (59) said.

“They all have various career plans but none of them are rushing into anything. They’re all going away, doing a bit of travelling or just taking a long holiday in the sun. They can spend time with family and friends and enjoy life for a while. There’s no pressure on any of them to do anything for the moment. They’ve worked non-stop for years so they’ve earned some time off!”

Nicky: TV presenter
Nicky is going into TV presenting — he’s always been clear about that and he’s really good at it. I know he’s been in loads of meetings about various TV shows coming up and about pilots for TV shows. He’s not going to rush into anything either though. He’s got plenty of time.”

Kian: TV presenter
Kian has a lot of options and I think the offers have been coming in faster than he even wanted. He wants to take a long break. I know he and Jodi really want to take time off to go travelling together and see the world. But he’s a bit torn because there are TV projects on the table that he’s finding hard to turn down. I think he’ll end up involved in the music industry. I introduced him to the ARG Talent Agency in London and now he's signed with them so he's in really good hands. I think he's going to get back into music management down the road too. I think he'll end up being involved in the music industry."

Mark: Pop producer
Mark plans to go to LA to work with some really great producers and record a few of his own songs. He wants to concentrate on songwriting and producing. He’s interested in the whole process and he has that incredible voice so he’s interested in doing something solo down the line too. Mostly he's into song writing and producing and he wants to work with other artists too. Mark and Shane were the big voices of Westlife and they were the reason Westlife really worked. It was the blend of Shane and Mark together with Nicky and Kian. Between them they produced harmonies that were world class."

Shane: Solo singer
Shane is not rushing into anything yet. He’s had all the major record companies trying to sign him and he's going to release a solo album but that won’t be until next year. Everyone knows he’s had financial problems but he’s trying to get back on track and start afresh. I see him as a new Michael Buble style artist or the male Adele. He’s a natural. He wants to do an album of modern, contemporary songs along the lines of Michael Buble - something that would have wide appeal. He can tackle any music really simply because he has the voice."

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