1 Reason why Transformers 4 will blow!


1 Reason why Transformers 4 will blow!
Likely Tagline: The Tears of the Audience!
Relatively short list this one, folks...


1. Michael Bay confirmed as director for Transformer 4...

How could you let this happen, Universe, you colossal jerk! The film’s not even in production yet and already my expectations plummet.
That must be some sort of record...

Despite insisting he will not be returning to the world’s most recognizable Giant Fighting Robot franchise, Bay allegedly hinted that he could be persuaded to stay in the chair if permitted to shoot his low budget “Pain and Gain” film.

Why would you want to persuade him to stay? Now I’m not saying the recent Dark of the Moon was abominable, unlike its 2009 predecessor, Revenge of the Fallen, which still sends a cold shiver up the spine!

Even the super advanced robot space aliens don't have a clue what the sh*t is going on!

All I’m saying is Paramount should maybe put some thought into narrative areas like plot, characterisation, pacing, plot, tension, excitement, cohesion and clarity. And someone should probably have a look at the plot too!

Rumour has it the Jason Crank himself is set to feature. And while Statham’s track record with films, even this year, is less than stellar, it will at least be entertaining watching him strut about like the loveable cockney geezer he is.

Maybe The Cranker could fight the Decepticons this time? I’d take that over another two and a half hours listening to the self righteous drone of Peter Cullen’s Optimus Prime!

NY Mag has recently confirmed this rumour, and states Bay is in final negotiations to direct Transformers 4. Paramount Pictures have allegedly promised to fund and distribute his $20m film, which stars Marky Mark and The Rock.

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