An Old Boy Joint


An Old Boy Joint
Producer talks fight scenes and finale twists for Spike Lee's remake
If you’re anything like us then you’re probably more than a little ambivalent about the possibility of an English language remake of Chan-wook Park’s masterfully grim 2003 feature Oldboy.

We were especially dismayed back in 2008 when the project seemed likely to come to screens under the direction of Steven Spielberg and with Will Smith in the lead role. Thankfully, that fell by the wayside, and other filmmakers such as Fast and Furious director Justin Lin. Things went quiet on the production for a couple of years until I Am Legend writer Mark Protosevich announced he was working on a new screenplay with Spike Lee confirmed at the director.

The most recent news comes from producer Roy Lee (via who took a moment to talk about the upcoming movie on the set of thriller 7500. We’ve heard tell that the film might be closer to the original 90’s Japanese Manga in tone, removing some of the more choice elements which turned up in Park’s version. If you’ve seen the film, you know what we’re talking about.

Lee said: “We are planning to shoot Old Boyin March and that should start pre-production in late January," he said. "This is a brand new script by Mark Protosevich. It is very similar to the film, but Protosevich has added new elements that will throw off the audience who have seen the original movie because there are new characters and new situations that present themselves in a way that change the story but eventually go in the same direction. The ending will be something audiences--especially fans of the original movie--will be very happy with. Some may consider it a bit darker."

On the original film’s deservedly famous hallway fight (which you can see below), Lee thinks they’ll be able to do something that’s different enough to still be a draw for audiences: there's going to be a different interpretation of the hallway scene that is hopefully going to be Spike's signature moment in the movie that he wants to show in a way that has never been seen in an action movie."

We can’t say our issues are entirely eased – Lee isn’t exactly known for his action and a massive amount of the appeal of the original film is the dastardly twists of the last act – but a different take on familiar material is always interesting, even if the result is underwhelming. The main cast has yet to be assembled but (as we reported)Josh Brolin is confirmed as the lead while there are rumours that Colin Firth has been offered the role of his nemesis. Now that is interesting...

Old Boy has yet to start filming and is planned for release some time in 2012.

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