Arnie Back for More?


Arnie Back for More?
Former Governor of California says that he's open to sequels.
He may have been on a bit of a break from the acting world while he pursued his political ambitions, but following his reign as Governor or California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready and willing to jump feet first into the movie world once again. Rather than seeking out brand new projects however, the former Mr. Universe is more than open to reprising some of the roles that made him famous in the past.

Already he has agreed to come aboard a follow up to Twins (which sounds like arealbad idea in our book) and Terminator, but he's not ruling out returns to other big name flicks, telling

"I'm open to all those things; True Lies, Terminator - a well made Terminator... the last one was awful."

A True Lies sequel is definitely something we'd love to see, after the triumphant return of the glory days of Terminator of course - and how about a new Predator flick, eh Arnie?

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