Marc Webb Interview – The Amazing Spider Man


Marc Webb Interview – The Amazing Spider Man
New Director compliments Daniel’s shirt. And talks Spider-Man!
With The Amazing Spider-Man less than a week away from theatrical release, we conclude our series of Video-Interviews with the big guy himself, Director Marc Webb!

A veteran Music Video and TV director, Webb is perhaps most noted for his debut, 500 Days of Summer, which earned him more than a little praise. He returns now to inject new life into Spider-Man’s veins and finish off our interview series.

Anyone interested in hearing what Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield or Rhys Ifans had to say about the upcoming blockbuster is but a hyperlink away...

The Amazing Spider-Man is in cinemas from the 3rd of July. You can check out our full review here or head to the content hub for further information on the wall-crawlers return to the silver screen.

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