Matt Damon confirmed for Elysium


Matt Damon confirmed for Elysium
O2Click recently reported on Elysium, the second feature film project of Neil Blomkamp, following his stunning 2009 directorial debut, District 9. Elysium will be set in a far flung future and will also star District 9 front man Sharlto Copley, most recently seen in lat summer’s A-Team as howlin’ mad Murdock. Word has officially circulated however, that Matt Damon has been secured for the lead character, while Jodie Foster has also been confirmed in a starring role. Damon, eager to join the project has gone on record as stating, “I really, really, really want to do it and I want to work with Neill. I think he's a genius. I loved 'District 9.' It was one of my favorite films last year. So I'm hoping that it happens.” Damon, popular for revitalizing the Spy genre as Jason Bourne, never starred in a major Sci-Fi motion picture, so there’s yet another reason to keep your eyes peeled for Elysium.

Matt Damon confirmed for Elysium on
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