More Aliens on Prometheus blu-ray!


More Aliens on Prometheus blu-ray!
Extended cut coming. To the surprise of no one
Prometheus is doing decent, though hardly stellar, numbers at the global box office – pulling down a little over $200 million more than two weeks after it’s release and 10 days on from its debut in the States.

We’ve yet to get definitive word on a fully fledged sequel but director Ridley Scott has recently been telling everyone who will listen that they’ve already got plans for more footage from this new take on the Alien universe.

The Prometheus blu-ray is already being talked about, with up to 30 minutes of new footage promised. For anyone familiar with Scott’s work, this won’t come as much of a surprise – he’s previously worked on alternative cuts for everything from Alien to Kingdom of Heaven and Robin Hood, while he’s been tinkering with Blade Runner for almost thirty years.

The footage is said to be made up of both an extended cut (which will be offered in addition to the theatrical version) and separate deleted scenes and one possible sequence has already been outed. One Conor O’Sullivan, via Prometheus Forum, has released some brand new images to his Facebook (more here) which show an additional Engineer next to the one who appears at the very beginning of the movie.

Ancient aliens...
Ancient aliens...Enlarge Enlarge

This new footage might give audiences a chance to find out a little more about the true intentions of the engineers and will be a must for fans. Naturally enough, it also operates as very early marketing for a product which won’t be available for many months yet.

No doubt you’ll be hearing more about the new footage in the coming months. We just hope it helps to improve the lacklustre film a little.

Prometheus is in cinemas now, why not read our full review!

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