Paranormal Activity 4 trailer is here


Paranormal Activity 4 trailer is here
Get ready for some familiar scares. Now with Wi-fi!
After just three years of existence and almost $600 million dollars at the box office, the Paranormal Activity series has been a resounding success for parent company Paramount. Needless to say, there’s a sequel brewing.

PA4 is set to hit cinemas in October 2012 and after a teaser for the trailer, the full video has been released online. Things seem a tad familiar…

So far, the first film focussed on Katie (Katie Featherston) while the second was all about Kristi (Sprague Grayden) and the third on the two siblings as kids in 1988. This time around, it’s about the neighbour of Katie in 2011 who notices some strange goings on next door.

The film spends a good deal of time aping the other entries hand held camera work through the use of a laptop with video chat. It’s hardly an original idea, already used very effectively in Nicholas McCarthy’s underrated The Pact, but provides the predictable scare you expect.

PA3 earned points for a new take on the story, as well as some inventive effects which pushed the series in a more generic (but also more entertaining) direction. PA4 looks more conventional but we’re pleased to see that directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are making a return. Honestly, I've enjoyed each previous entry to some degree, and thought PA3 was still plenty fresh so let's hope the team can deliver the goods again.

Paranormal Activity 4 is in cinemas from the 19th of October. More info at the official site – where you can vote to have the film show in your city first!

Paranormal Activity 4 trailer is here on
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