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With a disturbing lack of Italian plumbers, pink blobs or dual gorillas on offer from the 3DS launch line-up Ubisoft have stepped in to provide us with a little light platforming entertainment in the guise of their forever underachieving Rayman. A title based heavily on the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2, Rayman 3D certainly shows all the signs of being little more than a 12 year old game with a lick of 3D paint.

The 3D effect works quite well in several of the game’s race sections, although there are moments when things will lose the plot somewhat, resulting in some bizarre and thoroughly unexpected 3D popup (quite a novelty at first, but we can see it becoming far more irritating in the long run than its regular depthless cousin)

The game is much the same as the original, so those of you who enjoyed it when it was released might enjoy the trip down memory lane – assuming of course you didn’t pick up Rayman DS in 2005, which was also a port of Rayman 2 (makes Ubisoft’s decision to release this a little more baffling really doesn’t it?) – while there’s probably not a huge amount to recommend to everyone else apart from those in desperate need of a platform fix.

4 Stars
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