PSN friends list limit increased to 2000


PSN friends list limit increased to 2000

Sony has carried through on their recent promise this week, increasing the PlayStation Network's friends list limit up to 2000! This increase is only applicable to the PlayStation Vita and the upcoming PlayStation 4 and will not change the 100 friend limitation that is currently on the PlayStation 3's XMB system.

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Should your friend count exceed the 100 friend mark on the PlayStation 4 or Vita, PlayStation 3 serves will automatically filter in your active friends listed on the XMB. PlayStation Europe's Community Manager Chris Owen has stated that users will be able to lock their preset PlayStation 3 friend list if they so choose. Sony has also said that they plan to add a friends display to "most applications and games" on the PlayStation Network, however some games will keep the 100 friend limit.

PSN friends list limit increased to 2000 on
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