Jedward slam Brit paper reports of bedding babes


Jedward slam Brit paper reports of bedding babes

Look, they’re just not like ordinary 20-year-olds who drink and smoke and sleep around

Irish pop sensations Jedward have rubbished a report that they have been busy bedding babes in Azerbaijan.

The 20-year-old twins — who will be performing in the Eurovision semi-final in capital Baku tomorrow — made headlines in a UK newspaper which claimed the pair have an insatiable appetite for sex.

Their tour manager Liam McKenna rubbished the report, which claimed the twins denied they were gay and instead boasted about sex with girls.

John and Edward were reported to have said: “Yeah, we got a girl every hour” and “you don’t know the stuff we get up to with girls”. Liam (30) said: “I don’t know where these quotes came from — they didn’t say it. I was there at the same press conference and I didn’t hear any of that.

“I know the twins were asked at the press conference if they were gay. They said people assume they are just because they wear wacky outfits but they’re not. That was it! It’s complete rubbish to suggest that they’re bedding girls all the time. If they said anything — and I didn’t hear them say anything like that — it would have been said as a joke.”

Liam insisted John and Edward are too clean-living and too focused on their careers to be interested in bedding groupies. "Look, they’re just not like ordinary 20-year-olds who drink and smoke and sleep around,” he said. “They never drink, they have the healthiest diet, they love running and they love working hard.

“They love their fans and as far as they’re concerned they have millions of girlfriends. They love being around girls but they’d certainly never take advantage of a girl. They’re the real thing — real role models for kids.”

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