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Carlos (2010)
Olivier Assayas
Edgar Ramirez, Ahmed Kaabour
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Trimmed back (thankfully) from the five-hour TV mini-series to an acceptable two-and-a-half, Carlos follows in the same vein as recent Euro thrillers The Baader-Meinhoff Complex and Mesrine – cold, matter-of-fact films with outbursts of unexpected violence in coolly conceived action sequences. A biopic of PFLP revolutionary Carlos The Jackal (Ramirez) who rose to the top of the world's most wanted list after his staging of the bungled 1975 kidnapping of OPEC oil ministers. Carlos follows its subject matter as he roams the planet looking for a safe place to hide after PLFP leader Haddad (a scary turn from Kaabour) sidelines him from the movement. Obviously missing big sequences where chunks of the story were jettisoned, Carlos is a warmer outing than its predecessors thanks to the charismatic lead performance from Ramirez.

6 Stars
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