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Buried director goes supernatural for his follow up
Sceptical psychologists begin an investigation into a famed psychic which leads to some results that science can’t explain.

Director Rodrigo Cortes made a hell of an entrance with his blistering English language debut Buried in 2010. Made for just $2 million in his native Spain and featuring Ryan Reynolds alone on screen for its entire 94 minute running time as a man desperately trying to escape from a subterranean coffin, Buried was a triumph of inventive camerawork and editing, with Reynolds wrongly overlooked for an Oscar nomination.

With critical praise and moderate commercial success, all eyes were on Cortes’ next move and he’s confounded expectations with new project Red Lights. It couldn’t be more different from Buried, with an ensemble cast, a much larger scale and a tale which focuses on the notion of belief.

Sigourney Weaver plays a woman who investigates psychics, with the intention of using science to prove that they are all charlatans, with the help of her physicist helper, played by Cillian Murphy. But when the celebrated Simon Silver (Robert DeNiro) comes under scrutiny, nothing can prepare them for where the truth will take them.

Robert DeNiro in Red Lights
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It’s certainly an ambitious project, with Cortes working from a self penned script and shooting again in his native Spain to get the most value from a below average budget. No doubt on the back of Buried he’s attracted a string of stars, including relative recluse Murphy and a role for DeNiro which suits his legendary status. You’ll also find the very busy (and talented) Elizabeth Olsen in the mix as well as Joely Richardson and Submarine’s Craig Roberts – making his American funded debut.

Reports from the film’s premiere at Sundance in January have been a little mixed, focussing on Cortes possibly biting off more than he can chew in terms of the themes at play but we’re still hopeful for something different from Red Lights.

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