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Time travel, guns and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Time travel exists, but its use is outlawed so future mob types send their soon to be corpses back in time to be disposed of. It all goes swimmingly til one hired killer botches a murder order when he notices the victim is his older self. Cue melted mind…

Rian Johnson follows up the marvellous Brick and chaotic The Brothers Bloom with his own typically unusual take on the time travel movie. There are so many potential plot twists in Looper that even the trailer gets our thoughts racing, while Johnson uses his biggest budget to date (around $60 million) to even conjure up some impressive looking action set pieces.

Click fave Jo-Go-Levitt is front and centre here, as he was for Brick, and he’s rapidly becoming one of the most watchable sorts in Hollywood. He’ll get to test his action mettle a little here, while also wandering around in some bizarre makeup which is supposed to transform him into a young version of Bruce Willis but really just makes him look startled.

Willis is of course on hand himself, and the most recent trailer shows a little more interaction between the two stars, moments which are bound to set off further gaskets in your mind. The lovely Emily Blunt also features and there’s support from dependable sorts like Paul Dano, Jeff Daniels and Garret Dillahunt. Piper Perabo is even in there, remember her?!

Johnson also gets a writing credit on his third film and we hear Shane Carruth was on hand to help him craft the time travel sequences. He’s best known for ultra cheap sci-fi Primer. And for blowing our minds.

You see, prepare for brain melt.

Looper is kicking off the Toronto International Film Festival on the 6th of September before hitting theatres everywhere on the 28th.

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