Pride? Prejudice? Zombies? Why not?!


Pride? Prejudice? Zombies? Why not?!
Jane Austen's Zombie classic finds a Director
When the 2009 literary expansion of Jane Austen's classic 1813 'Pride and Prejudice' started making the rounds, it was a foregone conclusions that 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' would be picked up by some studio, somewhere, especially considering Hollywood’s penchant for adapting anything and everything even remotely popular. Lionsgate recently confirmed that they have acquired a director for this irreverent project in the form of Mike White. Having just the one directing credit to his name (2007's Year of the Dog) White does have extensive experience writing, typically penning scripts for successful Jack Black vehicles such as Orange County, School of Rock and the criminally misunderstood Nacho Libre. White himself recently tangled with some zombies, having a cameo appearance in the recent Zombieland. And if they're not sufficient credentials to direct a retelling of a nineteenth century literary classic with fictional horror creatures, then we don't know what are. We legitimately don't know what are. Based on Seth Grahame-Smith's vivid re-imagining, the film will revolve around plucky heroine Elizabeth Bennet, and her consequent courtship of Mr Darcy, her struggle for independence and her inevitable fight against hordes of ravenous undead. Sadly there have been no confirmed cast members however one Natalie Portman is still said to be behind the project, acting as its producer.

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