Richard Armitage Reveals the Mystery Behind His Everpresent Watch


Richard Armitage Reveals the Mystery Behind His Everpresent Watch
Is it the source of his powers?

Not content to bring you news of Richard Armitage'spreference for canines and his current reading habits, we've also got a great behind the scenes story about a piece of kit you may be familar with.

For several years now, Richard has been seen at interviews and red carpets sporting a particularly fancy watch and one of our readers asked if there was a story to go with it. And we think its a good one.

Firstly, here's the timepiece in question:

So what's the deal with that watch you always wear Richard?!

"Is it this one? [lifts up sleeve to reveal a very fancy watch]This was a prop from Spooks!"

He goes on to tell the story: "One day they saythat the woman from Swatch is coming to give you one for your character, there were three of them. And you know Swatch is like those rubber watches. And they turned up and these were like Omega watches and they said yea they’re the same company! So I picked this watch for the character which I thought was kind of cool and when the series ended they said ‘we can’t sell this so you can have it!’ And I’ve never owned an Omega watch before so I said ‘I’ll take that!’"

We then asked if it just became the fancy watching he wears everywhere?

"Well I don’t know I never thought it was fancy at the time and I kept leaving it in the gym and they kept saying I shouldn’t because it’s quite an expensive watch. But it’s managed to keep finding its way back to me so it’s my favourite watch, it’s my only watch!"

A great story behind a great prop that became a great watch!

Stay tuned for more from Richard Armitage in our full interview.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is in cinemas from the 13th of December 2013.

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