The Master - new trailer


The Master - new trailer
Paul Thomas Anderson's latest looks masterful
Hard Eight, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love and There Will Be Blood – hardly one of the least impressive filmographies in existence and all the work of one director,Paul Thomas Anderson.

Anderson has been nominated for five Oscars to date – for writing on Boogie Nights and Magnolia and the big three (writing, directing and screenplay) for There Will Be Blood but failed to pick up a single statue as the Coen’s No Country for Old Men swept the board.

Magnolia was my first introduction to Anderson and remains my favourite of his films, with Punch Drunk Love a revelation for Sandler. Boogie Nights never really grabbed my attention the way it has for most people and I remain undecided about There Will be Blood.

If you, like me, are due a reassessment of his films to date, there’s no better time as Anderson’s sixth feature is finally on the way, with another trailer forThe Master debuting online today.

The film tells the story of a wayward young man (played by Joaquin Phoenix) who cannot readjust to society after World War II and finds new meaning by joining a spiritual group led by the charismatic Lancaster Dodd (PhilipSeymour Hoffman).

Like the earlier promo (below), this piece sidesteps the neat description of a trailer by refusing to tell us anything concrete about the story and, after promotional overload in the wake of Avengers and Prometheus, I’m just fine with that. Anderson has been careful to avoid confirming any real connection to Scientology in his talk about the film and there’s no reason to assume he intends the film as some kind of expose of the organisation. What we can expect, based on this short glimpse and the previous focus on Phoenix’s character, is a dense drama with some great performances.

The Master is set to hit cinemas in North America in October but doesn’t yet have a confirmed release date across the pond. Details as we get them.

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