The Problem with Judd Apatow


The Problem with Judd Apatow
This is 40 trailer reveals there's something amiss in the world of comedy...
Remember when Judd Apatow arrived on the movie making scene with The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005 folks!) and everyone was sure that the future of mature, emotional and hilarious comedy had finally arrived? What about when he gifted the world with Knocked Up? And then the body blow of Funny People

It’s sad but true, since revitalising a flagging genre in 2004, Judd Apatow’s directorial output has been in a downward spiral, while even the titles he’s associated with as producer or writer have started to become repetitive. The problems are manifold but boil down to an over-reliance on emotionality instead of depth, a serious lack of laughs and the just plain annoying overuse of his wife Leslie Mann and their increasingly less adorable children.

Well at least Apatow’s latest This is 40 is intent on changing all of that…

Oh wait, it isn’t. Witness the trailer which has started me on a quest to patent a yawn just for Judd Apatow movies…

There’s Leslie Mann, complaining about something again. There are Maude and Iris Apatow, acting once again in a way that would have led to justified infanticide by most parents years ago. And there’s Paul Rudd, doing this buttoned down but secretly life loving role he’s been trawling out for almost a decade. Apatow creation Jason Segel is even in the mix as a character who says inappropriate things but is no doubt kind and goodhearted underneath it all.

The story sees the Mann and Rudd hitting the big 4-0 and deciding to make some changes in their otherwise decent looking lives. Focussing on the important things like getting fit and saving the planet rather than figuring out why the hell Rudd is still married this improbably shrill and bossy woman. By the end there’s a good chance that the pair find out that all they really needed was a series of risqué encounters with familiar faces and lots of sex jokes to realise their lives are already pretty much perfect.

Judd Apatow, I curse thee.

This is 40 is in cinemas from the 21st of December.

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